Upright Vacuums

Canister Vacuums

Specialty Vacuums

Central Vacuums

Riccar R25 Standard Clean Air Upright Vacuum
Riccar Cordless SupraLite Lightweight Vacuum
Simplicity S10E Bagged Upright
Simplicity Cordless Freedom Upright with Self-Sealing HEPA Media Bag

Upright Vacuums

Riccar SupraLite Entry Lightweight Vacuum


Riccar SupraLite Standard Lightweight Vacuum


Riccar SupraLite Premium Lightweight Vacuum


Riccar Cordless SupraLite Lightweight Vacuum


Riccar SupraLite R17 Premium


Riccar R25 Standard Clean Air Upright Vacuum

R25 Standard

Riccar R25 Deluxe Clean Air Upright Vacuum

R25 Deluxe

Riccar R25 Premium Pet Upright Vacuum

R25 Premium


Tandem Deluxe


Tandem Premium

Canister Vacuums

Riccar Prima Straight Suction with Turbo Nozzle

Straight Suction

Riccar Prima Power Team with Full-Size Nozzle

Full Size Nozzle

Riccar Prima Power Team with Tandem Air Nozzle

Tandem Air Nozzle

Specialty Vacuums

Riccar R60 Broom Vacuum

R60 Broom Vac

Riccar Roam Cordless Broom Vacuum

Cordless Broom Vac

Simplicity S65 Cordless Multi-Use with HEPA Media Filter

S65 Cordless

Riccar SupraQuik Portable Canister Vacuum


Riccar Gem Handheld


Central Vacuums

Riccar Standard Hybrid Central Vacuum


Riccar Deluxe Hybrid Central Vacuum


Riccar Vibrance Upright Vacuum Cleaner

We Help You Find The Best Vacuum For Your Needs

At AAA Sew & Vac, we sell and service all brands of vacuum cleaners across the Sandy and Salt Lake metropolitan area including vacuums by Dustless. We also sell central vacuums and carpet shampooers. Here we stock parts and accessories for all the major brands, and also sell new, used and rebuilt models from all the famous names in the carpet cleaning industry.

To learn more about our vacuum cleaners, including uprights, canister vacuums, backpack vacuums and more, please visit today to shop our store, send us a note via email, fill out the form below, or give us a call.

Since 1971

We’ve helped hundreds of customers in the Sandy, Utah area with their vacuum needs. We’d love to help you. Come on in or give us a call.

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Over 50 Years of Experience

We have been serving the Salt Lake area since 1971.  AAA Sew & Vac has an expert staff ready to help you find everything you need.

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Personal Service

At AAA Sew & Vac, we care for every individual's needs to help each one get the best in quality for the right price. Everyone has their own ideas about what they want and what's important. We'll give you a customized solution to meet your needs.

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We Ship

Do you live a significant distance away from our store? Don't worry! We ship with great rates to customers all over the area. If you can't come to the store, many questions can be answered by phone or email.

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